What would you use for bedding for my geese. Straw or hay
I don't like either and the reason is they don't absorb, shavings to me is the best I buy the kind for horse bedding it absorbs much better than either you mentioned and I can go in and shovel out the wet and turn it over and it's ready for the day. I use deep bedding in my houses.
Now if for some reason you can get shavings then I would have to say hay. straw can also bring in lice since it's hollow. You'll find hay and straw pack down and get nasty real quick.
Agree with Miss Lydia - straw and hay are not good for bedding.

I use wood pellets. As they're widely used for furnaces here in Denmark, they're available not only in feed stores but in hardware stores too.
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I used wood shavings from tractor supply, at one point I had a large kiddie pool with 12 baby geese (1-2 weeks), the wood shavings would last up to 5 days before needing to be changed. It could've been left even longer but I like to keep it fresh. If I can't stand in it then I won't make them stand in it!

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