flooring for chicken run???

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    Oct 26, 2013
    The place we will be placing the chicken coop is on top of flagstone pavers... I would like to be able to save the stone as much as possible. What would be a good option to place on top of it??? something that would be easy to scoop up the poop and easy to clean out when it needs a full cleaning??? We live in a part of CA that gets in the 100s during the summer so I will need to be able to keep it as clean as possible in the summer months...
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    Oct 18, 2013
    I don't have chickens. BUT I have been researching them a lot.

    It depends on the size of the coop.

    Small coops can be bedded with a mixture of equal parts DE, sweet PDZ, and course sand. (that's what I'm gonna do)

    Medium/ Large coops could have less PDZ/ DE

    The benefits of the deep litter method seem to be that it keeps them warm, and you don't have to clean it often (once or twice a year). But you can't scoop it as you mentioned. You have to scoop sand.
    You probably don't have a need to keep your coop warm, though.

    I suggest sand. It just sounds so nice to me... you'll need about 3-6 inches, from what I've seen. Less if it's mostly sweet PDZ.

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