Flooring material ?


8 Years
Aug 19, 2013
I have a great set up in our night house. I have a dry concrete blocks with a food service matt (the ones with holes in them) over the concrete. I hose it out daily and have a side section with a plastic container....like under the bed storage style filled with hay so they have a place to lay. I put the food and water on the rubber mat. This works out great for hosing down and even scrubbing every now and then. Plus I have better control of the hay too.

My question to you all is we have an outside run. Partial covered ceiling part open with chain link on roof. I'm having a lot of problems with Bumble foot. I have a few rough concrete edges that I've now covered up. My next concern is the flooring. I have natural mulch that I can get for free. Sometimes there is junk in it like plastic pieces or metal bits that whenever surfaces I remove. I'm thinking maybe to redo the whole floor service. I know the pea stone is popular as well as sand. I have a small kiddy pool that has a drainage pipe out of the cage. I fear sand getting in here would block the pipe eventually as it is heavy. I've started to put lots of rocks by the pool so they don't get junk into it.

Is there a material that would work well to drain, as we know their poo is substantial. I'm thinking something that is almost maintenance free. Anyone ever try the rubber mulch stuff, or will they eat it? Should I just put hay down all over or has anyone tried the green artificial patio grass stuff?



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