Flooring options: screen vs. slatted vs. solid

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Sep 21, 2013
I am in the infancy (more like the just-laid-egg stage
) of designing a coop for about 6 chickens (maybe more if we feel adventurous
). I have noticed that there are three basic options for the floor: screened, slatted, and solid (various materials). Can anyone give the pros and cons of each or what ever you're using? I live in Maryland, so we get a good four season year with hot, humid summers and cold, windy winters, and we have a lot of foxes and cats.

I've used all but mostly solid. I really prefer solid. Slatted and wire can help with ventilation in the summer but I like the protection a solid floor provides.
With the open flooring, one needs to decide how they will remove the droppings from under the building.
With a solid floor and deep litter (pine shavings), one can compost the bedding 2-4 times a year and put down new shavings.
Yeah, that was my thinking on it. Some coops have trays under the open floor to catch the mess, and I was curious about that, too. I don't know how the hardware cloth floor is for the chickens' feet.
I don't like screen as I think it would be uncomfortable for them and cause lots of draft. Not to mention, you would have to do just as much cleaning if you put a tray under the screen.

I think slatted would also cause too much of a draft.

As far as solid , I would base this of what kind of material you plan to use. Meaning, the floor is a really great place to use some older wood that is sitting around the house or next to a dumpster somewhere. Depending on the wood you use, you may want to cover it with an impermeable surface like linoleum - as an example, if you used partial board for the floor it would need to be covered as to not damage the wood, but, if you used some kind of decking it would not need to be covered.

For me pricing is always an issue, and I would think, decking would be a less expensive route to go rather than plywood or particle board and linoleum.

IMHO, a dirt floor with deep litter is the best bet.

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