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  1. We built our coop the spring/summer of 2006. It's 8 x 8 and split down the middle (ducks have one side, the chickens have the other). There are two runs.

    The floor is made up of plywood which I treated with a wood sealant/stain/water-proofing stuff about two weeks before my chicks arrived from McMurray's. I have tried straw, shavings & bare floor. Nothing seems to work. The ducks are absolutely FILTHY and their poop seems a lot more watery & distructive. [​IMG]

    So my question is--how do you combat the smell & mess?

    My husband refuses to go in there & when I'm not home, he feeds the eggs to the dogs because they get too "poopy" even in the nest boxes. Why is my poultry more filthy than everyone else's? LOL My nest boxes have straw in them & I change that about once a week.

    As for the inside floor of the coop, I've been shoveling & sweeping it about once every two weeks. It's incredibly dusty and makes me sick. [​IMG]

    Ideas? Help!?

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    Mar 28, 2007
    as you found out ducks middle names are messy.theres nothing you can do about their runny poop.just keep changing shavings out ever 2 weeks.
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    Mar 9, 2007
    could you add linoleum to the existing floor so it would be more waterproof and easier to wash out?

    we have new ducks this year, can anyone tell me if ducks will lay in a nest box or do they lay everywhere? I'd be afraid of feeding the dog the eggs....once they get a taste, they will look for them.
  4. wynedot55

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    Mar 28, 2007
    i wouldnt bet on your ducks laying in the nestbox.id bet that theyll lay everywhere but the nestboxes.most likely theyll lay where they can hide their eggs.

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    Mar 25, 2008
    If you get vinyl for the floor, make sure you glue it down with a water proof glue. Most glues are water soluble, but you will want one that is water proof, for like outdoor carpets and houseboats and it will last longer. If you can find a solid vinyl (interflex) you could staple it around the edges, most all vinyl has a paper backing and it will soak up water.
    Good luck
  6. ...and how's the drainage? I guess we have two choices, either enough absorbant material to take up the moisture or a way to drain the excess. I'm wondering how the coop is constructed and if there's a way to cut drains and securely cap them. A product called Stable Boy is wonderful for odor and can be used with all kinds of poultry and livestock...you spread a little under your bedding each time you remove it.
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  7. The drainage in the coop? Or in the runs?

    The coop is up off the ground, fully enclosed, with a window & a metal roof. It's got a walk-in door on one side. It's 8' x 8'....

  8. Quote:Ohh....that's a good idea & we do have a pretty big roll which was in our house when we moved in....thank you!
  9. Quote:My Muscovies always use their nest boxes...we made them look like giant birdhouses with lids (tops) that lift off. They feel more secure & since they are cavitity nesters, they really use them.
  10. Quote:Thanks![​IMG]

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