Floppy comb seems to be falling off?!?!?


Jun 28, 2018
Hello all.
Still consider myself a new chicken mom. My girls are 15 months. My Rhode Island red, Parmesan, has always been the dominant of my group of four, but her comb has started flopping over recently and I noticed yesterday looks like it's starting to peel away from her head I've attached pictures.

It has been miserably hot here in New Orleans. Heat index in the low 100s, high 90s every day for weeks now. I've been giving them frozen treats every day to try and combat the heat and they always have access to water. I'm fairly positive she is still laying but I can't be 100% sure. The eggs could be coming from my orpington. However, I don't think so. She also still has a voracious appetite... for both mealworms, scratch and regular food.

Any suggestions or do y'all suggest I go ahead and take her to the vet now? Thanks in advance. This group has been a lifesaver for my heart and my chickens


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Jul 23, 2018
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Bald spot. My WLH has the same thing.
The comb is one of the ways a chicken has of cooling off so her comb flopping over in the heat is due to it enlarging from increased blood flow. She looks healthy and this is nothing to be concerned about.
Do they have anywhere to be in deep shade?
I freeze plastic cereal containers nearly filled with water then pop the ice block out and place it in a shallow pan in the shade and allow it the thaw. The chickens sip the cool water and sometimes wade in it. I also have a large floor style fan than I blow across the run during the day.
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