Florida Heat


May 30, 2022
Vero Beach Florida
I have six - 3 month old chickens (total beginner at this). I have been told that I should keep them in the coop at night, which I have been. I was also told that I didn't have to put water for them in the coop, which I do now. They were running out of the coop every morning straight to their water. Does anyone else keep water in the coop at night?
I have the prefab Orpington Lodge Chicken Coop with the run, this is kept in a 10 x 20 dog kennel that has been predator proofed. Do you think it would be safe to just let them loose in the run at night instead of cooped up in the coop?
Thanks for any advice!
I get the Florida heat thing. It is brutal during the day here and mid 70s for a short period at night. This is only June, and July and August will be hotter. I had the prefab sentinel coop inside a dog kennel that has been predator proofed, too. Now, I have them inside a shed-turned-coop. Depending on where you live, but, I couldn’t leave mine out at ni - even with that setup. Predators will find a way. I live in a very rural area and predators are definitely in the area. If there is room, because of the heat, I would give them access to water. Once it is dark and they are on the roost, they probably won’t be drinking, but the heat…it will ultimately be your call. When we have a storm coming through and I have to close them up a little earlier than normal, I will put water in with them, doing my best to make it stable so it won’t be knocked over. Hope this helps!
They won't be drinking (or eating) at night. If really proofed, the run will be fine. It might be a ventilation issue causing the bee line run to the water and in that case the run would be preferred.
I overslept this morning--opened the coop about 50 minutes later than usual and mine went straight for the water. Maybe birds are just thirsty in the morning and something I've not seen before because I open the coop before they are ready/light enough to go out.
We have Texas heat with an open air coop and predator proof run. The girls have access to two different water sources during the summer. When it is over 100 degrees, we run a fan in the coop all day long and have a mister that runs for 15 minutes every hour. The girls like to stand in front of the fan, even when the mister isn't on. They love the mister too. When it comes on, the temp in the entire run drops several degrees.
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