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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Mel Bowen, Mar 19, 2015.

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    Mar 2, 2015
    Hello I'm Mel and new to BYC but not so new to ducks. I had ducks many years ago and now I have 7 Pekin and 1 Welsh. My husband is Welsh and insisted on the 1 Welsh, lol. We are getting ready to put together a new enclosure. I bought an old corn crib and my husband is dismantling it and hauling it home. The plan is as follows. The out side will be wrapped in hardware cloth. There is going to be a concrete foundation around the circumference along with hardware cloth buried out a couple feet. The ground inside is going to be sloped slightly toward the middle where there will be a drain with a buried pipe taking the water away. Then pea gravil will be added on top and covering the entire enclosure. We are hoping then when we spray the gravil it will flush everything down the drain and away. Sounds like a good plan but we will see how it works. If you have any ideas or input I would love to hear them.
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of ducks!

    The first duck house I built had 1/2" nylon mesh across the bottom. Big enough to let the poop through, but not too big for ducklings feet to get stuck in. Seemed like a good idea, but within a few weeks the turds would not fall through the mesh like I planned. My point; a strong stream of water is needed to dissolve and push the poo out of the house. I preferred not to add "hose duck poo" to my daily duck routine, so I removed the mesh, put wheels on my first (then larger second duck house) and move it to a fresh patch of grass in the yard once a week. Just a couple wheels on one end of the duck house and I move it like a wheelbarrow. My ducks get put away every night, there are landscaping timbers around the bottom, and so far I have not lost any ducks to predators trying to dig underneath.

    Love me my Welsh


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