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  1. last night, as the chicks were hitting the coop for the night, one of my 7 week old red stars was doing her usual "flying from roost to roost" trick she does (i have roosts on the west and east walls of the coop, and this particual bird likes to fly from one end to other). well, i should have anticipated this would happen one day, but she flew right into the fly strip i have hanging in there. i didn't see this happen, but she came running out with half a sticky fly ribbon stuck to her leg & lower feathers. i managed to get her un-stuck and cleaned up the sticky goo with water & dish soap. she must have finished the cleaning job overnight because she was all good this morning. she wasn't hurt by her mid-air collision with the sticky ribbon, just a little messy & embarrassed.
    so... i took the fly ribbons down last night, of course, but now i need to find another way to deal with the flys. any ideas? thanx.
  2. TNRIRRoo

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    Jan 12, 2010
    Fly strips are the easiest way to control the pests in my opinion. Don't know that I would have taken them down. I can say that I have walked into them and man are they sticky.[​IMG]
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    I believe a couple years ago there was a thread about fly paper ribbons that was pretty funny. Seems that paper finds all kinds of things, people and animals to stick to.
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    you can get more answers to fly problems in the predator/pests forum. there are a lot of threads about fly control there. [​IMG]
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    Ever had one stick to you with a bunch of half dead flys on it? Well you don't haha. Put one in each corner. And on ein the middle of the coop. Hopefully they want get them there. Good luck!
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    If you tack the 'roll' end of the fly strip up, too -- so the whole thing is nearly parallel to the ceiling, with not too awful much 'dip' in it -- that prevents the vast majority of accidents IME.

    Including the kind where you get it in your own HAIR <rolling eyes at self> LOL

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    There was a post on here a few weeks ago about putting up vanilla trees(the kind you put in your car)and some said it worked great others noticed a small difference in the flys.I put them up and made the coop smell nice and it worked a little but maybe I did not have enough of them.I had two for a coop 12x16.I did get a pest strip to hang in there today,I read it gets rid of mites fleas and such.
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    Quote:Pictures! We want pictures!

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    Quote:Pictures! We want pictures!


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    We don't have our coop built yet so not sure if these would work in one, but I bought Rescue Fly Traps at Lowes this spring. They are like the traps that you use for Japanese Beetles. It is a small bag about sandwich bag size with a plastic cone on top, to use you have to cut the plastic in a circle at the top of the bag and pull out the cone, add water to the indicated level and hang it up. It has an attractant that dissolves in the water and the flys can get in but not back out. We have had one in our back yard since early spring and it is just now getting full enough to dispose of. We usually have a bad fly problem in the back yard and they come in the house when we let the cat in, let the cat out, let the cat in, let the cat out, etc, etc!!! This year we have not had one fly in the house. They were less than $3.00 a piece on sale. I think they have a website.

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