Fly larvae...Can you feed them to chickens?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by sticks22, Aug 29, 2008.

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    Along time ago we went swimming at the lake. After swimming along the shore, I found a dead catfish that was infested with fly larvae. So I got to thinking that I could raise some for fishing. But now I also had the thought that they could be raised to add to my chicken feed for extra protein. Will my chickens eat them and if so, are they dangerous to chickens? Will they be harmful in any way?
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    Quote:this response confused me, as the questions the OP asked were "are they harmful/dangerous" and i was expecting an article which confirmed some unknown danger. [​IMG]

    common sense would dictate that anything which comprises the natural diet of an animal is acceptable to feed, but i think moderation is important and variety is imperative to all livestock animals. i think larva can be part of a balanced diet, but shouldn't make up the majority or even a particularly large percentage of the diet of a flock.
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    OK... Maybe I should read the whole post before replying. [​IMG]

    I had recently read the linked article, and went off to find it without finishing the OP. Then, when I came back, I answered the "Fly larvae...Can you feed them to chickens?" question.
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    Yes, you can.

    ...although you probably want to try to feed them 'clean' rather than embedded in rotting stuff, especially rotting animal stuff. Both for the chickens' health, and (much less likely to be an issue) for the health of whomever eats the eggs.

    Note that Harvey Ussery has since written he suspects that botulism may sometimes be a problem when he does this, and he is now doin' it just some ways and not others (sorry, a quick scan of the last 2 issues of BP did not turn up the exact quote and I forget the details, but it's *somewhere*, perhaps someone else will remember).

    Have, er, "fun" [​IMG],


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