Fly problem


5 Years
Mar 4, 2014
San Tan Valley, AZ
My (9) pullets are just over 16 weeks. I'm in the Phoenix valley. I originally had some centipede sod in their run. It took all of 3 weeks for them to destroy that lol. Now their poop goes straight onto the beaten down patch of former grass. I'm developing quite a fly problem in my back yard. Their coop is fly free but those buggers swarm in the run. What can I do about it? I'm thinking of laying down some bedding but wanted to come here first to see if anyone had a better option.

Also, I've raised these girls since two days old. It seems like they will never lay :( I heard as young as 16 weeks and average of 20 weeks when they begin to lay. Has anyone else felt like they'd never eat eggs fresh from their back yards?
Good idea to keep them away with chicken wire. We have some glue style traps hanging but we have to keep them up an away from the girls and the flys are down low...

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