Flying/Jumping Meaties?


Apr 24, 2016
How high would folks suggest building a topless pen to house Cornish X in my garage? Could I get away with 3 feet or would they be escaping? Not life or death (obviously no predators in there) but would like to keep them kinda contained. We're talking about 8-10 birds and I should be able to make them a 9x12 inside pen. Thinking I'd use a side garage human door to allow access to a chicken wire roofed pen outside during the day. I'm sure they'll be stinky--the joys of suburbia--may never do this again but thought it's worth a try!


May 14, 2015
North Carolina
Cornish Cross are very very very uninspired to escape. They are quite content to stay put. You shouldn't have a problem. I would just make it as high as they wire you buy (which probably won't be 3 foot?) so you don't have to trim anything.
Have fun! Cornish X can be very endearing to raise, especially because they are much more trusting of humans than most egg layers, and will generally allow you to pick them up, and move them about. Fermenting the feed can really cut down on the stink (even during "harvesting" and evisceration) and mixing some Sweet PDZ (available on amazon) and practicing deep bedding can create a more earthy compost smell than the raw ammonia smell that comes from having too much poo and not enough bedding. I have also heard of using sand as the only bedding and scooping it with a kitty poop scoop/shovel everyday (will need solid walls on the sides where this is since they will dust bathe and push it out the sides.) Depends on your level of commitment, but don't hold the stink to them, there is plenty you can do to control the smell!

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