Flying the coop

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    So every night as the sun goes down, Elvis flies the coop. I've just got 6' chain link pannels so it's not real hard for a light weight like him. The first night he went in the miniature horse barn but the last 2 nights he hasn't been there. Last night I turned back towards the house from checking the barn and looked over at our quaking aspen trees. They were backlit because of the lights on "main street" and there was a strange, chicken shaped, shadow almost at the top of my quaking aspen. I got hubbys police flashlight (brightest flashlight ever) and sure enough, Elvis had made it about 20'-25' up my quakie tree! I was going to put netting over my coop so he couldn't get out but now I don't have the heart. I think this guy is just going to be a full time free roamer around here. He can come and go as he pleases. We don't have much of a predator problem here so as long as he's off the ground by dark he should be just fine.[​IMG]
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    I'm always inclined to let them do as they choose, too. I figure they enjoy quality of life that way, at least.
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    Quote:No predator problem!? What a dream....[​IMG]

    Here if the coons or opossoms didn't get him the owls sure would try! [​IMG]

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