Flypaper caught escaped chick


10 Years
Feb 23, 2009
Henry, TN
OK don't ask how. Have worked the flypaper off wing , legs and tail with vaseline and cut off the worst of the tackiness but poor thing is miserable. I put her back in the pen. I tried to make her less sticky with dawn and a washcloth. I am afraid the others might peck at her. Is there something better I could use to help get rid of more stickiness.
w-d 40 is also awesome for getting off sticky stuff. i've never used it on a chicken.
but if you're trying to clean specific feathers, it might be worth a shot. i would also think that mineral oil or anything like that that you have around the house - that's probably less toxic than wd40 would be very helpful.

p.s. i really do want to know how your chicken got into the flypaper. curiosity killed the cat, but it hasn't killed me yet.
Well then I will go for the long story. I have 26 7 wk old chicks that live in a 3 room condo consisting of a swimming pool and 2 lg cardboard boxes. Coop is framed and DH is over the road. Thus said I felt sorry for the chicks and wanted them to have some outside time so captured 13 ( some willing and most terrified) chicks and brought them outside for R&R. Well nightfall was coming and managed to recapture 12 chicks. No. 13 spent the night outside with me frantic, searching for her. Morning came and I opened the shed with the condo and put up the dog deterrent baby gate. No. 13 decided on her own to get back in. Tried to catch her before she got tangled in the netting over the condo. As I was chasing her she took flight and flew right onto the fly paper strip attaching inner wing, body,butt and leg. Needless to say I no longer had to chase her. After the vaseline and dawn wash with feathers trimmed and she is the one with very short butt feathers, she is fine. Once every thing dried she is just part of the group but little miss won't be doing any more field trips for a while.Wasn't very funny yesterday but in telling the story I can see a small bit of humor.
90% rubbing alcohole will take off the sticky. I dont think it would hurt the chick but not the 70% one must be the 90% works so much better.
i'm sorry about your traumatic night, but yes, seriously, from a further off, cartoony kind of point of view, HILARIOUS. sorry. i have the giggles now. i'm glad your adventurous/rebellious little bird is o.k.
I just wrote flystrips on my shopping list this morning.
Maybe not now.
I know how sticky they can be. Hope you get it all off.
Is kinda a funny pic in my mind though, but kinda sad for the little chick.
Couldn't help but giggle a time or two! Wonder if GooGone would be okay on a chicken.

I bought one of those hanging fly traps, not the sticky ones. Don't know yet how well it works though.
Please DO NOT ever use WD40 on birds or other critters. It is extremely toxic and will kill them.

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