We have a terrible problem this year too. These are my suggestions, and what I'm doing this year....

1. Keeping things dry as possible. I use Sweet PDZ to cut down on any smells and DE if there is a wet spot I need to dry up.

2. Immediately changing to laying pellets when my new chickens start laying (flies seem to be attracted to the crumbles)

3. I was using sticky fly strips, but recently ordered some fly predators so I took them down for the time being.

They haven't had time to work yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed

4.Also, these fly traps

5. Keeping the coop and run as clean as possible

I would love to hear any more ideas! This year has been terrible!
I've used the Rescue brand disposable fly trap with good results. ( It's the same one @dana0710 mentioned.

It's basically a big plastic bag with lure that you add water to. The nice thing is that you can hang it up high where chickens (and cats!) can't get into it and it doesn't use a pesticide. When the bag is full of flies (which is gross, but also strangely satisfying) you can just throw it away. They're not very expensive--around $4 each. Our local feed store sells them, and a lot of people use them for barns and stables.

The only downside for me was forgetting that there was one hanging from a plant on the patio when I had people over... A clear plastic bag full of dead flies is hard to explain away as a garden ornament!
I like the fly predators, and got mine from Spalding. Fly traps ATTRACT flies, so place them away from places where you want to be, not right at the coop or porch. You will get a nice smelly bunch of flies in the traps, very satisfying. The chickens do eat flies and fly larva, a good thing. Permethrin spray or dust helps too. Mary

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