Fodder Beets


10 Years
May 15, 2009
Every year I grow extra winter squash (butternut, dumpling, hubbard and such) for the girls and store them in the cellar. My family and I eat them through the winter and when I back them for our dinner I add 2 or 3 for the chickens. I heard something about fodder beets? The old timers used to grow them to store to feed cows and pigs and chicks in the winter. Does anyone know if they have to be cooked before giving them to the chickens? Any information would be appreciated.

The seeds are heritage and were a little difficult to find but I did.

Thanks in advance.
I think they are called Mangels, and I hope to try some this year. I'm not sure if cooking is necessary. I think the chickens will peck at them as is, but I haven't tried.

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