Fodder, June bugs and weeds from my bird feeders


6 Years
Mar 7, 2014
Brownsville, TX
Morning all. So a while back I tried out the fodder tower that was discussed and it really never worked well for me. I just couldn't find a good spot for it outside of my home and didn't want it in my house (big ugly wood structure) so I gave up for a time. Well, the chickens have completely eaten anything green that was in their protected yard and thanks to a bunch of trees that seem to be a prime hawk nesting area, they can't free range so I tried with fodder again.

Back to fodder. This time I am rotating the pans and doing it in the house in front of a large window on top of my hedge hog's habitat. So far so good. I'm doing wheat berries, barley and Omega-3 forage blend. Each is their own pan. The forage blend was intended to plant but I never got around to it so I tried it in the pans and it's growing quiet well. I mixed in some barley just in case it didn't grow as I hoped. I have had no mold or fermentation issues this time. YAY. The top right bin is the Omega-3 forage bin.

Thanks to messy birds I often have lots of nice soft "grass" to feed them. Not sure which part of the wild bird seed grows so well but man...never short of green to pull out of my beds to feed them. I also grab extra cilantro when I shop. It's really cheap here in south Texas so I don't mind the expense (3 big bunches for a 1.00). My shopper just think I have an addiction. :).

On my front porch I keep a bug zapper on a plate and it attracts ALL sorts of lovey bugs...lately its been TONs of june bugs. Most the time they are all still alive so ever few days I take a hand broom and scoop them up. The chickens go NUTS.


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