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    Jul 20, 2012
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    To my AZ backyard chicken family:

    Completely, sorta, off topic. I just couldn't take it anymore and retired this past Friday from my job of 25+ years. I absolutely hated it for the last five years, and came to the realization that my mental and physical health come first.

    It's a financial loss for me, making over $18/hr, and now have to pay for my own health insurance, but I think it will be worth while in the long run. I still make over $700/month playing organ at a local church which will aid the finances, and plan on collecting an extra $1,200/month from social security when I turn 62 in August. No one is promised to live to 65, so I'm gonna get it now before it possibly goes away.

    The stress, frustration and daily anger has taken a toll on me, losing almost 10 pounds working in that hell hole. I didn't realize I lost that much weight until the doctor gave me the hairy eyeball after stepping off the scales. I knew something was going on because my clothes were kinda baggy, but never suspected that much weight loss. I may weigh 125 lbs on a good day.

    Anyhoo, I am now free to finish my projects with no time frame or pressure. Thank you for taking the time to read this. There are a lot of caring individuals out there, and I appreciate all the advice/experience you have all shared.

    Your shared knowledge is truly appreciated, more than you'll ever know. Lemme take a nap for a few weeks (LOL) then get busy with finishing these half-done projects. --BB

    Bobby Basham
    Tucson, Arizona





    Oh, maybe I'll find a piano teacher and get back into playing my Classics again, because this beauty is just collecting dust right now.
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