Yes. That's totally normal. They eat a lot and grow very fast. I am always amazed by how much chicks eat. No matter how much food I buy ahead of time, I always end up running back to the feed store eventually.
You mean 6, one week old chicks or 6 week chicks? If so, how many?

When we had 27 new chicks, I didn't even go thru 2lb the first week.
Our flock consists of 8 - 6week old chics and they are some eating machines. If they continue eating at this pace , its going to take a heavy purse/wallet. So is this normal everyone?
That's what I was looking for
a chick to feed daily ratio estimate. I am almost filling the feeder, a Lil Giant 3 pound feeder daily (there are 38 chicks in the run) and its empty by the next morning. I am just now adding some throw down scratch that is corn/grain mix as they are getting bigger and needs busy work. They are all about 6 to 7 weeks old.
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