food for chicks

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11 Years
Jul 22, 2010
Fort Worth
my chicks are almost ten weeks old. we ran out of food but figured they were old enough to switch to the adult food our hens eat a week early. (we were told chicks can eat adult food at ten weeks. it's still crumbles like the chick feed) my question is whether or not that means they also need grit right away?
Be careful not to feed layer crumbles to young birds that are not yet laying. The extra calcium can be very bad for them. Chick feed or grower feed is best at that age in my opinion. I think it depends on what you are feeding your older birds. As to grit....I would offer it to them if they are eating food other than crumbles....and it won't hurt to offer it to them one way or the other. I think it improves their digestion even if they don't need it. Good luck.

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