Food types and when to feed

It depends on several things. I feed mine layer pellets for the majority of their feed in the feed pan. Toss some scratch on the ground and keep oyster shell asfree choice. Mine also forage as well. I feed in the morning as needed. I never let their feed pan go empty. But limit scratch and corn. Mine also get scraps oatmeal cooked meal worms as treats and yougert.
This isn't a complicated issue. Chickens are pretty forgiving when it comes to feed (within reason).

Basically it's like this:

Chick starter from hatch to about 8-10 weeks.

Grower from about 8-10 weeks until you find the first eggs.

Starter/grower (a combined feed many mills make) from hatch until the first eggs.

Layer feed from the first eggs until the bird dies or you otherwise remove them from the flock.

Oyster shell offered on the side at all times once you find the first eggs. At first they may eat a lot of it, but that will settle down to small amounts regularly.

Scratch feed/cracked corn/whole grains/etc. Not really necessary if you are feeding a complete feed but many folks just want to so give a half-handful per bird in the mornings to get them out and scratching. In the evenings they should go to roost with a crop full of layer feed as night times are when they are building their eggs.

Green feed: As much as you want. It's very good for them. Just make sure they have a complete feed available free choice.

Treats: Keep them minimal. They don't need them any more than we do.

There you go.

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