Foolishly let stray rooster mingle with my flock

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    Mar 19, 2016
    Please don't judge me too harshly, I'm new to this chicken business and I guess my animal lover heart clouded my common sense. I rescued a stray rooster that had been hanging out in the parking lot of my work for 2 days. My chickens are 6 weeks old and not yet in their coop full time. So I brought this guy home and stuck him in the run. The next day he was obviously traumatized, did not want to come out of the coop, wasnt even investigating the food or water. I have been bringing my chicks into the run during the warm part of the day to get them familiar, and acclimate them to the weather so I went ahead and brought them in as usual. Almost immediately the stray rooster popped out of the coop and was foraging around with my flock! Soon he was following them to the food and water, and I was so relieved. Until I started reading threads on BYC and realized I may have compromised my flock! Obviously I will not bring them together again for a few weeks, but anything else I should do preventatively? I'm feeling very guilty right now .
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    Is the rooster showing any sign of illness? Normally a new bird is kept in quarantine until it's sure they are healthy, that being said, I didn't do that with my own rooster and things turned out okay. Beginner's luck?

    Judging by how your rooster acted, putting him in with the chicks was the best thing for him. Only time will tell if it was detrimental to the flock. Good Beginner's Luck to you too!! [​IMG]

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