Foot Injury? Sweet Clementine

Rachelle Elaine

Mar 28, 2021
Castroville, Texas (San Antonio)
Me again, it's been a rough week. I just lost a hen this morning😥
This afternoon I go outside to play inthe chicken garden with the girls and I see my EE is laying down kinda on her side, leaning up against a post. Unlike her for prime cricket hunting time.
I go to get a closer look- she's limping, panting, standing like a flamingo on one leg only and her tail feathers are downwards.
I searched on the byc and the bumble foot cases look so severe compared to what I see.
Her crop was more empty than normal at this time of evening, so she happily ate a small handful of mealworms before laying down for bed. I do not see a sore or a point of entry. I don't see anything foreign and I can tell you it was not like this 5 hours ago. the treatment I noticed for bumblefoot with the cleaning iodine, putting an ointment on it and wrapping it is my plan for tomorrow unless I hear advice to move in a different direction. Thank you guys in advance 🥰


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Did I catch this early enough to try this in your opinions? @Eggcessive @Wyorp Rock
I copied this from another post you replied to eggsessive.
Soaking feet in warm Epsom salts water over 20 minutes for a few days is a good start. Removing the scab(my girl doesn't show a scab...yet?). Dress the wound with antibiotic ointment and gauze, then carefully wrap foot with vet wraps strips (not too tight.) This article has a lot of info: (read this too)
Do you know if I am trying to push it from the inside out like popping a zit? Or am I trying to manipulate the scab looking portion. I see the two dots on her feet I've soaked her for about 20 minutes now and I can't really feel the scab part. Here's another photo.
I know the previous post had mentioned soaking for 20 minutes for a few days. I'm wondering if I caught it too soon and the tissue underneath hasn't begun the healing process yet for it to push out the seed part. Her foot is a little more swollen today I'm thinking I'm going to put some iodine and a bandage maybe and try to soak it again tomorrow?
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Yes, you would push like a Zit, but I think it would be a good idea to use the Clear (Decolorized) Iodine and see if that helps. I've not used it yet but have seen quite a few satisfied with the treatment results.
So, I've soaked again and there isn't a hard part on her foot. It's looks like a freckle. It's smooth and the ones I've seen online don't seem to look the same, again i feel maybe it's a mild case or early on.
I did the second epsom soak today and soaked a gauze in the iodine and bandaged it.
I'm wanting to give her an antibiotic to help with the swelling and possibly spreading. I figure it can't hurt. My question is what's the best one to use? @Wyorp Rock
I can get some Tylan 50 nearby.
I'm looking into a salve method to maybe dry out that area and pull it to a head where I can better remove it.
I'd just keep up with soaking for a few more days to see if that helps with the swelling.
I agree, even in the photos the scabs/roughness doesn't look like it would really come to a head.

Baytril might be the best choice to help with infection.
It's looking better today after two+ days of iodine with wrap only. The swelling has gone down but there is a weird color going on. It may be from the damp iodine and I have a kiddie pool with fresh water she and the others like to stand in from time to time.
I cleaned her feet, did another Epsom soak and I'm leaving her unbandaged tonight.
Just wanted to get your eyes on the updated photos @Wyorp Rock to see if you thinki should do anything different or pickup some baytril?

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