Foot-like shadow 'in' the bottom of the air cell?


Nov 15, 2018
Hi, sorry for the persistent questions on my incubation, I seem to encounter new issue every other day that I can't find the solution with google search.

So the night of day 24, 2 days until lock down (egg was put in incubator at 2 pm), I have candled and in 3-4 out of 24 eggs I saw something I couldn't identify and can't find a similar photo online. Sorry I didn't attempt to shoot photos in the dark so I'll just describe and provide other photos for reference.

It looked like something was protruding slightly into the air cell and looked to be in the air cell area but seemingly not having penetrated the air cell membrane yet. Rotating the egg around for closer inspection, it looked like the webbed foot of the duck. It doesn't look like a beak at all and there was no chirping response when I talked to it.

By 'protruding slightly' I mean about the black shadow in this photo, but not there, was on the other end of the air cell, on the lower end of the air cell if you put the blunt end on top.


It definitely didn't look like the beak like the photo below.


In all those 3 eggs, the protruding shadow really looked like the shape of the webbed foot, but that can't be, can it? I looked up photos of the hatching position and the feet are supposed to be tucked right in the middle of the body, like this.


The eggs are still in the auto-turner, not yet lying on the side for lock down. I am expecting the hatch to be more likely early than late as I've had really high temperature issues these past 7 days (tho the first week was prolly a little bit low). If I hear or see the internal pip early I'll definitely put all right into lock down, but nothing so far.

So what do you reckon the 'feet' shadows could be? Have you seen something alike before? Am I indeed over-worrying?

On the 2nd photo, there is also a shadow of something on the lower side of the air cell (right in photo) like mine, but what could it be?

As a side question, on the video below, the chick was seemingly ready to hatch, but there was still a large translucent red area. In all my eggs, most of the eggs bar the air cell were completely opaque, about 6 had like, no translucent area at all. I hope my eggs are still ok?

Thank you for your time and answer!
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