For any of those who are on facebook...


Enslaved by Indoor Ducks
11 Years
Nov 20, 2008
Chicago, IL
We'd love to add our BYC friends as friends on Facebook! It helps us keep in contact with one another. So if you or your pet has a facebook, let us know!

My facebook is-

, aka Duck_Feeder is

Mei duck has her own facebook too-

Norie duck does as well-!/profile.php?id=100001556077892

also have a special page dedicated to Indoor ducks (and chickens and geese too)-

we had a mini triumph recently! After being rejected, Petsmart finally agreed that our pet ducks are indeed PETS not livestock and have allowed us top enter their halloween costume contest. If you are on facebook, and would like to add us, please do so! If you'd like to vote for our duckies costumes you can here-

are excited to see some recognition from the "outside" world that ducks and chickens can be pets, not just dumb utility animals you save to eat at Christmas. We've become friends with so many other people and "Ducks" and "Chickens" on facebook, we just wanted to put it out there for any new people on BYC who have facebook who we haven't had a chance to meet yet

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