For Christmas, I got a


9 Years
Apr 8, 2010
South Central Texas
a Hovabator! I'm very excited to get with it and set some eggs. I have a modge podge of chickens and it will be great to see what mutt babies I can hatch!
Circulated air just means one with a fan inside. The other kind is still air, which is one without a fan. You can get good hatch results in both kinds of bator, but they do have different temperature requirements. Your one should be set at 99.5F, and you should be able to measure that temperature anywhere inside the bator, cause the effect of the fan swirling the air around means that the temps throughout the bator should be pretty much the same wherever you stick your thermometer. A still air bator is a bit different. Without a fan, the air inside the bator is very still, and you get thermal layering which is where hot air rises to the top, and the air at the bottom is cooler. With a still air bator, you want the temp to be 101.5F, measured at the same level as the tops of the eggs.

Good luck with your new toy!
Ooooh good to know! Thank you!!!
And it should be 99.5 through the whole hatch right? Sorry, I have always used good ole broody chicken to hatch eggs, never in an incubator. hehe

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