For future references... why did my chick die?

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    Here is what happened, I went out last Monday morning and found my month old baby chick stiff and as cold as a rock, but he/she was still just barely alive. Spent 8 hours and finally had the chick limber and able to peck food and drink water again. With a little more care, he/she was up and about eating and drinking plenty and pooping regularly for a whole week isolated in my bathroom. However it did act kind of lethargic the whole week, but I figured it might have been brain damage from coming so close to death to where it was seizing every few minutes or maybe because it was lonely. This Monday morning I went to check on the chick and it was laying over obviously going down hill again and I tried to save it again but it quickly died within an hour.

    I'd just like to know what caused this and how I could have cured it, also what I might need to do to protect all my other animals.

    Back ground details: I brought this chick home when it was 2-3 days old from my parents farm to mine to live with its sibling who hatched on the same day and a baby duck because the other hens at my parents were attacking it at feeding time. The 3 lived in a big plastic tote together with pine shavings and clean water (both changed constantly). They were being raised on flock raiser and its very warm in my area so when the group mostly got big enough (the chick that got sick didn't have all its real feathers in yet but its sibling did) I moved them outside to live in a big kennel where my bunny lives and my 3 other ducks were raised this year. The kennel didn't have a heat lamp, and they actually hadn't had a heat lamp on them at all in the brooder box. They all did great from what I could tell for about a week and a half. I'd just make sure they were still in there and then change the food and water until last Monday when the chick got sick. The other chick, duck and bunny rabbit are still thriving out in the kennel. Also, I'm not sure if the chick that died was small, but its sibling who lived was always twice as big as it (it was on just oatmeal for its first two days living with the duckling).

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    Chicks can frequently die from coccidiosis at that age. Also they do need a bit of heat before their feathers grow in. If they can get under a broody hen or snuggle with their siblings to keep warm, that helps. I don't know the exact cause of your chicks death. Sorry you lost him.

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