For my Grandma


May 18, 2017
This is my coop and my ladies:
I wanted chickens in my backyard for about a year before I actually went for it. And not until I had them for a few weeks did I realize why I wanted them in the first place, it was for sentimental/nostalgic value. I grew up on my grandparents farm and having the chickens brings my childhood back and comorts me and helps relieve stress. (Goats are to come next year, for the same reason! Haha) my grandma is very proud of my small start to a farm.
Here's my hens/coop,


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I think I started for the same reason. I'm sure I would love birds no matter what, but my grandpa always had them, and then my dad, so I don't know any different.

My grandpa was raised on a farm and they were very, very poor. He used to joke that the only time they ate chicken, was if one of their laying hens got hit on the dirt road!!

Btw, you've got some pretty ladies!
I use tarps like the shade sails.

It's always good to use bungies - or some kind of stretching - attachments. That helps them handle wind better and keeps them from ripping for longer.

I also put them at an angle - high on one side and lower on the other - so that the water doesn't pool on top when it rains.

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