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9 Years
May 9, 2010
Egglanta, GA
Publix White Leghorn egg (left) and free ranged White Leghorn egg (right).

After numerous reports, inflammatory pictures have been removed by the Staff. We've been down this road before, folks.
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After watching the movie Food Inc and Homo Toxicus, I think if you can raise your own food you will be a lot healthier.

Antibiotics in Beef, Pork, poultry and honey .............yum

I had the opportunity to taste bread made from organic grown wheat. Wow what a huge flavor difference
I saw that movie. Best thing published to mankind, about the worst thing that's happened to mankind.
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wow matthhew, that is really cool! have you read the book 'animal vegetable miracle' by barbara kingsolver? her family did that for a year
i would if i didn't live in the city.
No, I haven't

I'll try to take a look into it

How do you keep chickens when you're in the city?

it's legal in ATL. we have 8 pullets (and lots of chicks) and im soon to get a rooster that lost his crow lol. u can only have hens, but im sneaking a roo. i wouldnt be able to have all these, but i have a big yard-- at least for a city in a house next to a hospital and apartment in a city LOL. but it's still only an acre.

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