For next yrs. hatch. Questions??


11 Years
May 8, 2008
South Central IL
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I need 100% that I want Black Java's and Speckled Sussex next yr.
I want to make sure that I get the Black Java's early so that I get them because I tried to get them for 2 yrs with no luck...sold out!

So my question is:
1. how soon can I order hatching eggs next yr?

2. how soon can I order live chicks without them freezing during shipping?

3. If I order eggs in Jan. do you think they will freeze and bust in shipping?

Please help me make decisions!!

P.S. Not moltted Java's , Black Java's thanks


11 Years
Jun 15, 2008
That depends where you are and you have no state listed. I would wait until night time temps are at least 60F and day time temps 70F before ordering chicks. The warmer though the better odds they'll arrive alive up until it starts to get really warm for summer. Eggs you can order any time they won't freeze or bake. They don't freeze quickly so even when it's 32F for short periods of time at night they should still arrive fine. If you order eggs in Jan here you would get a box of egg rocks complete with split shells. 60s are a bit cold for shipping chicks but perfect for shipping eggs. You could get them now if you have the means to keep the chicks warm until they feather or don't have really cold winters. Otherwise for here I start ordering eggs again around March or April. Warmer climates you could order earlier or all winter. I'm sure all the way down south winter is the perfect time to order eggs because they ship better in cool weather than hot up until the point they freeze.

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