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Hi BYC Quilters,
I am making a quilt that I want to use some darker colored batik fabrics on a lighter background. Will there be any problems with the batik colors running and staining the lighter background? Is there anything special I should do to the batik fabrics other than the usual washing/drying/ironing before I use them? Thank You.
The wshing, drying, ironing usually does the trick. I think its mainly dark reds, blues, greens and probably a few other that you really need to watch out for. But look at the end of the bolt on the info sticker.....it may already be pre-washed
Thank you. One of them has some really dark greens and blacks in it, that's why I'm worried lol. I got these in fat quarters and there is nothing on the sticker that says it is washed or anything.
I remember reading something a long time ago about soaking fabric in salt water to help the color stay fast in red fabrics but had never tried it and don't remember the measurements of salt to water etc... and I didnt want to try it on the batiks without some advice lol. Anyone ever heard of the salt water thing?
Keep the Color Like New

To make clothing stay the bright new color, try this tip. It works on all washable clothing. To a washing machine with enough cold water in it to cover clothes plus an extra inch add 1 cup table salt. Turn on machine and agitate for about 3 minutes. Turn off washer and leave overnight. In the morning turn on machine and allow it to finish cycle. Dry clothes as per label. Do put like colors together. Makes red not bleed and black stay black by setting the dye 90+ percent of the time. Wash with care next wash cycle (in case it's one of the 10% that used inferior dye.

You can also get a product that fabric dyers use to make fabrics color-fast. It is called Synthapol. Here's the link.....

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Oh thanks Acre of Blessings. We cross posted. That one does sound like the one I had read about before because I remember it had said something about salt and cold water. I wonder if the vinegar in the other recipe would adversely affect the batik fabrics?

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