For sale in central Florida- BR girls, Oliver eggers


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14 Years
Nov 22, 2007
My Coop
My Coop
I have a few barred rock hens for sale, great layers, calm quiet birds. Approx 14 months old. $15 each. Also a funny little pair of Easter Eggers, splash roo and blue pullet. The result of my splash or blue roo over a blue aracauna hen. 3 months old. $5 for the pair. Located near Ocala.
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Hi, I would be very interested in the blue ee pullet. I can't have a roo. I am in Gainesville and am busy expanding my run/coop. Really want an ee. Had to sell two that turned out roo. 3 mos. is the same age as my others. Would be great. Let me know. Lauren

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