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    I live in Las Vegas Nevada well a suburb Henderson during the heat of the summer we hit 120+ i have now been told its hard to keep chikens in this kind of heat. where i am building there coop and run it only gets morning sun and shade from about 12pm and on where the coop is about 11:30 I am putting windows in to the coop and my plan but im not sure of is i have a swamp cooler and the coop is just below the window teh air comes out of nice and cool i was going to have the edge of the coop roof about 2 inches higher then the bottom of the window so the cool air could blow through the coop when the window is open and cooler is on but then i heard the drafts are bad for the chickens (this is when they are older my little chicks are indoors now and overly motherd) does this sound ok or should i now have most air go into the coop.
  2. cary 1973

    cary 1973 Chillin' With My Peeps

    or should i have them live indoors as an adult during the summer months?

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