For those of you that butcher CX at 8 weeks....

Hooooly cow that is a lot of feed. I have a batch of 20 right now that are 5 weeks old and they have only used about 70 pounds of the meat maker feed thus far. I limit feed though, so that makes a big difference. What kind of live and processed weights are your birds at when you butcher?

I don't weigh my birds so I can't answer your question.
Ours usually average out to eat about 12-15 pounds of 20% starter feed by 7-8 weeks. They dress out between 4-7+ pounds at that point. (We often mix in scratch grains for the last week or so until we get to a 50/50 mix.)
I went thru 400 lbs of 19% on 28 birds with the spring batch. weights were 6-9 lbs. And only gave them enough food for the day. By sun down the trough was empty.
No records of the last two batchs, sorry. Just lazy.

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