For those who get a kick out of waiting for goats to kid...

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Apr 17, 2008
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Okay, after following along with Helmstead's Scarlet who successfully kidded last night I'm sure there are some of you wondering where you're going to get your waiting-for-a-goat-to-kid fix. Well here you go:

Meet Promise. She's a four-year-old Boer and about 200 pounds right now. When this girl gets pregnant she gets huge. She had triplets last year and by the looks of it I would expect the same this year...I hate to speculate though because as we've all seen, goats have a way of leading us on!


Sorry, I can't seem to get pictures of the back end when they're NOT pooping.


Deep and wide?

Promise's due date is Friday, March 13 (nice, huh?). The temperature tonight (Wednesday) is supposed to be -15* with windchills in the 30 below range but we're expecting it to be up in the 20's (above) again tomorrow so I'm trying to convince her to keep the kids cookin' another day.

The poor girl is terribly uncomfortable though. I make her get up regularly to move around. She's had slimey, clear discharge for the last two days, however no streaming yet. Ligaments are gone and the tail head is squishy. No signs of labor yet...she tends to paw the ground a lot when she's ready to go.


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Aug 1, 2008
Waiting on one myself. Did not see the breeding but believe it took place approximately Nov. 10th. Rose is a BoerXLamancha and she's bred to a BoerXAlpine. This is her (and mine) first time so we are all on pins and needles. My 12 year old can hardly stand it. I promised him that if we catch her in labor he could stay home from school and watch!

How about some info for a newbie on what to watch for.

Also have a Dexter calf due on 3/21!



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Apr 22, 2008
She is a big girl!

*It would be so nice to have a due date. I'm only on my second doe and already I wish I had a smaller window than "sometime during March".

Western Chick

11 Years
Apr 17, 2008
Western MN
Yeah...I keep telling myself I will never buy a bred doe again and I will never have so many goats that I can't witness their breeding dates...okay, that's what I'm telling myself now anyway, we'll see about that.

On the other hand I would be much more willing to just let them do their thing if it wasn't so durned cold out. Yeah, it's nice to be there when it happens but I really do think we do more harm than good when we try to "help" them. Last year my girls kidded in May, I'd come home from work to find...babies!

Last night I came home from work to find this:


No, not Promise...her half-sister, Diana. She had twin girls!


Thank goodness I was able to get her into the heated milk house to get those babies off to a good start, otherwise we would have had kidscicles! We got to 15 below zero last night!

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