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    May 2, 2015
    Have you ever noticed any kind of vein pattern when candleling? I've been curious about the articles coming out of Germany that they are inventing a way to find out the sex of chickens by the vein patterns in the egg. They use a certain machine and insert a device into the egg at day 3 of incubation. I've never incubated, but I am curious if anyone has noticed any kind of vein pattern by candleling that might let you conclude either way?

    Here is one of the articles I've read about:

    Just curious. Thanks!
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    Dec 12, 2014
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    I've never noticed it though I've never kept super chose track from the veins to a few months later to match genders or anything XD
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    The study isn't about vein patterns in the egg, it is about the shape of the chromosomes in the cells inside the veins. By drilling a hole and bouncing a light off the chromosomes, they can determine whether it is male or female. Not something you can see with the naked eye.

    Wouldn't it be great of they could come up with a tester that could be used at home? Maybe someday.
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    May 2, 2015
    Ahh so it is still seeing the chromosomes. I was thinking that it was a pattern. It would seem like the possibility would exist that a pattern might be there. It'd be interesting to see the same candleling of girls and boys at the same distance with the same light. If it was put into a certain database and then each person could put a picture of their eggs in. Then the computer could compare and predict.

    Yes, I hope one day we are able to sex them ourselves. Germany said it would be in 2016, but are now saying 2017. I'm sure that the equipment for it would be very expensive. Wish there was a way to do a home dna test. I know there is the place in Canada that will do one for you if you send in samples but it still is 15 per chicken [​IMG]

    I guess one day.

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