Force Feeding Schedule

Chicky Babe7000

8 Years
May 28, 2012
Hi All,
I have my first sick chicken.

She stopped laying 2 days ago and yesterday was lethargic, tail droopy. Her comb and waddles are a great color. Her poos are watery and look like egg whites with some dark matter and yellow.

I checked her for a bound egg and couldn't feel anything.

Yesterday, I brought her in and put her in a warm bath for about an hour. She is not eating unless I hand feed her and that is just a little bit. She is drinking on her own. I blow dried her and put in a crate inside for the night on a heating pad.

Today she's the same only is panting as well...I think she might have a temperature as her breath is hot. How do you take a chickens temp and what's normal?

I have been giving her probiotics in yogurt, collidal silver in her water with vitamins.

I would like to force feed her 'Bio-K plus' and food and am wondering how often I should do that.


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