Force molting?


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Apr 10, 2009
I have no idea about this concept, just that Holderread's book recommends it. If this is an offensive topic, I apologize. I just want to make sure my ducks are treated right, and they are about 15 months old now, and I get 2-3 eggs a day from my three. So, what's best for them? Force molt, to give them a break? Or, wait and see if they do it, themselves?
I've always been advised that forcing molts is harder on them than them taking their time to do it themselves. You can lose birds forcing molts more so than letting nature do it. My 2 cents!
They will slow down laying when they need a rest, usually when the days get shorter.

Forced molting is usually done for high and longer egg production, so if that is not your intent, it is not necessary.

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