"forcing" a broody??


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11 Years
Nov 4, 2008
ok, so heres the situation

Mouse, one of my hen mallard has been tricking me for the past 3 days, making me think she had started brooding, yestedday I thought for sure she was, as she was on the nest a good 5 hours, then she up and left, a nice clean little 17th egg, plkus with Stencil very strongly believing she has soul custody of the nest) this morning I once again counted 17, and shes been doing the puffing up and hissing at me when I get close, shes got the nest fluffed up and is all hunkered down, SO I THINK this may be the real deal, if its not will my plan work??

what I've done is, blocked both entrances of how they get behind the sleep house, one with a board that completly covers the entance, and another tall board that is about a little over 2 1/2 feet tall, so that HOPEFULLY will keep Mouse and Lil' (he INSISTS to always be with her) in, and everyone else, OUT, I gave them a big bowl of water to drink, and a bowl of food.

so it's official, if this works, Mouse and Lil' are in "jail" for 26 days.
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