Ford 641 tractor


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Oct 20, 2008
Right here; north-central MD
Anyone own one? I'm looking for info on them. Only tractor I've owned was a Ford 9N, which was made before I was.
All I know about the 641 is that it's about 35hp, gas or diesel, & is 4WD. Specifically, I need to know if it will put down pressure on an inplement, such as a blade; I need to repair & maintain a gravel lane.
That & any other info will be much appreciated. Thanks


Dec 19, 2020
Here's some info on the 641. I believe the only down pressure is provided by the weight of the implement used on the 3 point hitch. They're usually rated by their lifting ability.

I think 430 farm tractors should be preferred instead of 641. Because it is both 50 horsepower and powerful. It also has a structure that can handle the pressure like a knife. Information about John Deere 430 is given here:

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