Forgot they were duck eggs.!!!!!!! help!

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    I have 3 smallish Duck eggs that i forgot about even though i put a D on the top of them, when i switched my eggs over from the bator to the hatcher i put them in with the chicken eggs!!!! i just realized my mistake and put them back in the bator with the auto turner. i candled them and saw some movement in one and the other 2 were almost toatlly black. Do you think they will still hatch? they have been in a pretty humid environment for the past 3 days and kicked around by a bunch of hatching chicks! today should be day 22 for them. should i keep the humidity down around 30% for now? I feel like such an idiot.
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    Jun 8, 2007
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    ducks need alot more humidy .i would just wait and see there is a good chance they will hatch
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    Extra humidity is probably more of a plus than a minus. They lose moisture much faster than a chicken egg. The rolling shouldn't do them any harm at all.

    Best to incubate duck eggs at 60% humidity.
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