foster families needed for at-risk roosters in MD


11 Years
Aug 2, 2008
Hagerstown, MD
They were abandoned by their mothers at lay.
Used by the "Organization" to keep the VIP's warm.
Now they are being told they are "taking up space".

Please save these youngsters from the certainty of joining a gang and wrecking havoc on the unsuspecting masses. A little attention and love and they could be a strong protectors and leaders of the community.

Please, won't you help?

[4 week old cuckoo marans and 2 week old (not sure yet)]

They would also make a nice meal in a few weeks for those not vegetarian.
as far as I am concerned every rooster is at risk lol

Very cute!!
They are my little packing peanuts. Two orders from Ideal.... I did find homes for 10 little guys but still have about 12.

Great marketing! Ha Ha!

Whew.....I was starting to think I was the only one who realized how cute and funny this post was!!! Sorry, no help here, just got rid of my own.
Good luck!!!
ok now i feel dumb lol....that was my first thought, but then i thought, wait a minute, if they were packing peanuts, itd prolly say that lol....very cute...the gang part is what threw me off the most haha.....good luck! let me know if u find out what the 2 unknowns are, or post pics and we can help you figure it out. what color are they?

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