Foster pup adopted and I am sad


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May 13, 2009
Central Maine
I fostered greyhounds several years ago. One I kept and the other was adopted out and all was good. Well I started working with a rescue group last month and got my first foster memorial weekend. I got the news yesterday that she has been adopted. I was so sad, I cried! wow who would have thought this was going to be hard. I figured I always get older dogs that I adopt and if I foster puppies it will be easier to see them go because of all the work involved. A lot of it has to do with she is a great dog and has been very easy for a puppy. I have a new pup coming Saturday so maybe it will get easier with each one.
I take in foster dogs from time to time of breeds and I keep them here until a forever home is found for them

right now I am foster mom to a 2 week old weenie pup whos momma died suddely on her

this pup will be the hardest one to let go since she is so helpless and needs me and my boxer girl ( who just weenied her own pups but has pleanty of milk left )

be happy for your little foster puppy and send her off to her new home knowing she is going to be well loved and than get ready for the next one LOL

it never gets easy when you have the younger ones but I do feel good letting them go to new homes.
Just remind yourself of what a wonderful and selfless act you have done. You have prepared a pup for a wonderful life with a new owner, and given it a chance at life it may not have had. Now you have room in your house and your heart to do it again for another dog - awesome!
Crazy4Chicks - where is the picture of the pup? We want to see!
Never mind - I found the picture on your other thread. So cute!
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exactly. you should be proud of what you've done. i'd love to foster if i had more free time.
I foster too, and it does get better with more dogs/puppies. The first one is always the hardest. We have had 14 go through our house as a temporary home. I LOVE it. We had a pitbull/lab mix for a year before she found the right home.
We are a small dog rescue, but we have had bigger dogs too. We pick the best home for the dog, and that is always a challenge!

Where are you located and what types of dogs do you foster?
I have a foster dog right now that is CRAZY. We foster special needs (usually behavioral) dogs on occasion, but they are always adults. This one is still a very young adult who never really had a puppyhood. I don't do puppies, so he's running me ragged with his persistence on looking for new play/chew if there aren't enough on the floor for him already!!!
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I know you are sad but think of how great it can be for both the dog and the adopting family. Several months ago I abopted an abused foxhound that was used for breeding at a puppy mill. She was too old for them therefore they got rid of her. She id soooooooooooo happy not being in a pen, not being abused and fits in great. The whole family LOVES her and she shows her love for us being the great protector of our property.
I am in Maine. The rescue takes all types (to my knowledge) of dogs that come out of kill shelters in the south. They are transported to foster homes in New England and adopted out up here. Mainly Arkansas I believe with the rescue I'm with. I have a new puppy coming Saturday and the current one goes home today. I always adopt older dogs and I figured with a puppy I would be so exhausted that I would be happy for them to go. Go figure! lol

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