Found 2 year old hybrid hen lying dead in the house.


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Aug 23, 2009
Athlone - Ireland
HI. I have just found my first dead hen. Bit sad really as i had seen no signs of sickness. I have or should i say had three hens, now two, in a house appropriate to their number in my garden. I let them freely walk around the garden lawn most days for a few hours and they have always appeared very contented.

I found this one dead in the egg laying section. There was no blood or bile. When i turned it upside down i could see an egg half out. WOuld an oversized egg have killed her or perhaps the trauma attached.

As is say they all appeared healthy and were walking about and eating and drinking with no noticeable problems.

What do you think was the cause? I would appreciate your help as i wouldn't like to think i missed a signal somewhere though as i say they all appeared healthy.

The other two seem fine and normal.
I have read in some books that if they have a weakened heart(Like from some illness at a young age)that the stress of egg laying can kill them at an early age.
I just lost a barred rock hen that was just 2. No signs that anything was wrong, it was hotter than normal but she seemed fine. That was about a month ago and
the others are just fine.So I assume she had something wrong that I could not see.

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