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I found 3 eggs on the ground in a freshly dug hole. They seemed to be hiding the eggs. I put them in the nesting box and marked them. Do you think they may be fertile eggs? I am on day 11 and one of my hens has been sitting and won't leave them. I am a newbie and would love some advice on seeing if they produce some chicks. Thanks for any advice!

They may be broody but mine hate my nest boxes and always lay eggs on the ground. another factor is if the is trying to hatch chicks she might think that your nest boxes are up to high and a newborn chick may fallout and die.
Are they the first eggs from them?
If yes, thats not unusually. Do you get any eggs in there nesting boxes?
Yes I have a rooster, and 2 other hens. They have been laying for awhile. The other hens will get into the same nesting box and I have to check for unmarked eggs. She sure doesn't like it when I check either! I was sooo hoping to have some new chicks. I am actually keeping them for my daughter and they are my grandchildren's PETS! We lost one hen a few weeks ago to a Coon! So I was hoping that we would at least get one or two chicks to replace the one we lost. Sad Day!

This sounds funny, but if your hens dislike the nest boxes you could try a shallow tray (like a baking tray) with shavings. It just might work for those girls that like more space while they're laying.
I just checked the nesting boxes a few hours ago and all 3 hens were trying to use one nesting box! Is this unusual? They have always layed eggs in the same box, and seem to share okay. I was getting up to 3 eggs a day so I know they were all laying. My ? is now that I have 3 eggs marked to see if they will hatch, do I need to move them, or just see what happens?
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