found 9 eggs today!


10 Years
Jun 25, 2010
So I moved my flock into their winter home- in the 100 year old barn and was sad that I haven't gotten an egg since. I expected the disruption since they just started laying but was hopeful each day. I even put golf balls in the nests to entice them into a spot where I didn't have to search. Today I finally spotted the one hen way above my head singing an egg song
First time I had heard that! I then proceeded on a lecture- NO YOU DIDN't lay there!!!!
She did and I had to climb to even see them.
Who knew I would actually have to look high and low for eggs. Not sure if it was only her laying in the nest so I will have to continue to look for eggs in strange places!

Will the chickens keep laying where they laid an egg before? And anyone know how to retrain a chicken on where they should lay their eggs?
I have 6 chickens, and only one has started laying ( found my first egg yesterday!! )
I found both of the eggs in the exact same spot, which is in the right nexting box, left corner. So based upon that, I'd say that hens do lay in the same spot. About teaching your chickens how to lay in the right spot, i have no clue! I'm thinking that if your other hens lay in the right place, then it will encourage her to lay there too..... but that's just a guess. I also used plastic Easter eggs in the Nesting boxes and they seem to work pretty well.
Good luck!!!
All of my hens were laying very consistanly in their nesting box. Then I noticed I was getting less eggs. After a few days, I figured something was up. I looked under their coop, which has about a 4 inch clearance, and there was 7 eggs under there.( I only have 6 hens laying right now.) Peroidically, they will lay their eggs there, so I always have to check. I believe my only option is to fence that area off. I think if you deny them access to the undesirable place, if possible, they will have no choice then to lay their eggs elsewhere.
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:lol:Where is the best place to look for eggs? One of my BR's keeps escaping to the front yard, and I think she is laying somewhere in the creek. My ladies are all about 24 weeks and I have had NO activity! Lots of singing, lots of red on their faces; but NO eggs. I can't get into the creek to look, it's too dense and full of poison oak. Can I encourage her to lay in the coop in the box? They never go inside the coop during the day, they stay under some stairs on perches. Also, my nest boxes don't have sides on them, does that make a difference? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated!!!!!
I have also just found my first egg(s) and though most were in the boxes, 3-4 were on the floor near the waterer/feeder area right of the doorway. Today I found another egg right by the door at the same spot! One of the girls needs a mentor! Congrats on your success!

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