Found a beat up brown chicken down the the block from my farm need input


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6 Years
Aug 26, 2013
NE ohio
So long story short I found this Brown beat up chicken down the block from my place. I am not sure of the breed and it is currently in quarantine. It's was found without any feathers on its back, top wings and head, it's almost looks like other chickens bullied it, other than having almost no feathers on the top of its body seemed to be in OK health. It was underweight and definitely didn't eat before I found it. Since I'm the only one around to have chickens/roosters and pretty much everyone knows it I'm wondering if someone dropped off this weak bird near my property on purpose. At this point I'm just wondering if anyone has any information on any diseases are reasons why this bird was dropped off or why it has so many feathers missing and if you can identify the breed.


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