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Sep 14, 2008
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Since the 'other fowl' forum was disected, I have found a lot of posts in the wrong forums. Granted, these are all posts that are older, by a couple of months anyways, but aren't in the right location. For example, I was searching for a post I had made a while back regarding coturnix quail. It was in the turkey forum? And while I was searching for other quail-related posts, there were many more that popped up in the turkey forum. Even the 'other fowl' swap that I started was in the turkey, and it started out as a quail swap. That was the majority of things that were swapped on there!

I just didn't know if this were something that needed fixed or what, just thought I'd bring it to your attention.
The only thing that I can think to do (and what I do) is to "report" the post, and just leave a message to the Mods suggesting what topic it should go into.
yes there are a lot in the turkey forum... Monarch's quail post that should be a sticky was in the turkey section. I did report that one and ask that it be a stickey when the change was made.. Nifty told me to report them when I find them.

It will take time to sort through. I know Nifty did a move right at first, but the older threads didn't get moved.

If you see one that is relevant to something someone is asking, use the report button and we will take care of it.

Please don't report ones that are of no use or out of date.

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