Found a Pigeon in my yard!! Sick?!?!

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    Okay, so I just let out my little dogs a few minutes ago and they alerted me to this bird. They were barking at it. I picked it up. It did fly off about 20 feet and then landed with it's wings out supporting it up. It's VERY cold. I brought it in and wrapped it up and gave it a tiny dropper of water with sugar and it drank it down fine. Now I'm just stumped what to do with it!?!? I'm assuming this bird is sick?? Is this a wild pigeon or a pet? I've never seen pigeons out here?? We're out in the sticks and seriously-- this is the first time I've seen a pigeon except when my neighbors used to keep ones that looked like this one. What do you think is wrong? What do I do? Warm it up and then.... ?? Suppose it has a disease??
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    Wow, what a beautiful bird. It sounds like it is likely a pet since you don't otherwise see them around there. Perhaps your neighbors are keeping them again? It sounds like perhaps he/she flew into a window. Your best bet might actually be to ask your neighbors -- since they used to keep them they would probably have some information for you, and might even take him off your hands and take care of him themselves, if you wanted. There believe there is also a pidgeon board here on BYC, you could also get help there. Anyways, I would make SURE you keep him away from your chickens and other birds!! You can't be sure what he might be carrying, especially since he's acting sick. Good on you, though, for rescuing the little one! Good luck to you both! :)
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    Thanks, I'll check out the pigeon thread!

    ETA-- oh, and my neighbors that used to have pigeons don't live here anymore-- they moved. And took their pigeons with them. That was a few years ago. I suppose it's possible another home near by is raising them now. I'll be sure to keep this guy away from my birds and wash well in between.
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