Found a ton of feathers in various places in the yard, all from the same chicken -please read, you m


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We have 3 chickens, two of them will be 3 in June and the other is just barely 2 months old. Our Australorp has been broody the past few weeks and I actually have her inside the house now. Normally they are completely free range during the day and get put up in a coop at night. If we don't put them in the coop, they will roost on a car. Last night was one of those nights. In the past 3 years we have never had a problem with anything getting them from off of the cars. When we would go on vacations someone would make sure they had food and water, but they would just roost on our old volvo at night. around noontime today my mom noticed some feathers behind her car when she was about to leave, we looked around the yard and there were 3 more places full of feathers. The only reason I have a little bit of hope about this, is that there was no blood, the younger chicks feathers weren't mixed in and they were only down feathers/some tail feathers. If something had gotten ahold of her, wouldn't her top feathers be mixed in too? I also slept with my window open last night and I feel like I would have heard something..normally they (the chick and the americauna) would go over to our neighbors house and stay over there all day so even if she is in fact molting, I won't know until she does or doesn't come home tonight. Those two have been sticking together all the time since the one has been broody. Sorry this is kind of scattered...they are pets to me and I feel terrible about this just as I would for our cat or dog. We do have some stray cats around, but we live in a fairly developed neighborhood. There is a barren cornfield across from our house, so no woods for quite a ways. If maybe anyone else has had that happen where they saw tons of feathers, but turned out they were just molting, maybe I can find some reassurance in that. I recall the Australorp molting this past winter, but not the hen that's missing. If anyone has any questions that might help them help me figure this out, please ask. I was balling my eyes out at first, but now that there may be some hope..I'll try and hold off on that =/
If she one of the hens that is turning 3 in June,she probably started molting.

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I just went around our yard and our neighbors yard again and didn't see her or the chick. She would be 3 in June. They've molted before, and the amount of feathers was alarming, but it's never been this many... It's just weird that I didn't hear anything and there is no blood. But I guess they wouldn't necessarily bleed from feathers being torn out..
I would just hold out hope until they don't come back tonight. Something might have gotten them in the middle of the night but they got away and were only injured. If you can I would look around for them because they could be injured somewhere. Also you might find them at the neighbors. I would say try and find a way to get them more secure at night. I understand how you feel about your chickens,all 31 of mine are pets and I would hate to lose one! Mine have a building they roost in at night that has bars on the windows and a metal door. It is Ft. Knox!
Neither one of them came back last night :( One of our other neighbors said there's a big black tomcat that's been getting his chicks left and right and that he's going to try and catch it. I think the feathers may have been from whatever got her dragging her around and plucking them out :( I'm really gonna miss her...she's the reason I became a vegetarian. And now we're going to try to rehome the Australorp. She's the only one left and it really isn't fair to her to be by herself. Plus, I don't want her to have the same fate as the others. I'm hoping the lady I got her from as a chick would be willing to take her back. She has a large farm with all kinds of animals. It's just a matter of this hen adjusting to a new flock =/
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